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Simplify your payments with Virtual pos

With PayBull Virtual POS, which offers installments up to 12 months with the competitive commission rates, You can start receving payments within 24 Hours!

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PayBull Sanal POS
PayBull Sanal POS


There are plenty of reasons to use PayBull for your online payments!

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Ertesi Gün Ödeme Alma: İşletmenizi Nakit Akışında Rahatlatın!

İşletmelerin sürdürülebilir büyümesi ve başarısı, etkin bir nakit yönetimi stratejisiyle yakından ilişkilidir. İşte tam bu noktada PayBull'un "Ertesi Gün Ödeme Alma" hizmeti devreye giriyor. Nakit akışınızı hızlandırarak finansal esnekliğinizi artırmanızı sağlıyoruz.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayBull Virtual POS?
PayBull Virtual POS is a service that allows website owners who want to sell via e-commerce to receive online payments quickly and securely with affordable commission rates. PayBull Payment API can be easily integrated into websites and opened to use within 24 hours.
How do I use PayBull Virtual POS in my business?
After your customers add the products they want to buy to their cart, they see the PayBull payment screen form at the checkout page step on your site. With the easy-to-use interface, your customers enter their card information into the form and make the payment through the reliable and fast Virtual POS infrastructure provided by PayBull for you. The payment made is reviewed and approved by PayBull's system within seconds, and the shopping process is completed successfully.
What are PayBull Virtual POS commission rates?
For the commission rate, parameters such as your monthly transaction volume/annual turnover target and the business model of your website are evaluated, and after the evaluation, the most advantageous commission rates suitable for you are determined and an advantageous offer specific to your business is presented. To find out your commission rate, simply fill out the online application form in the apply now section at After your application, our sales unit will evaluate your application as quickly as possible and send you your special advantageous offer.
What are the advantages of PayBull Virtual POS?
We eliminate the necessity of making agreements with all banks one by one. With all debit cards and credit cards, you can receive your payments at the next business day with fair commission rates. PayBull Virtual POS has no annual POS fee, additional POS fee, setup fee and transaction fee. You can grow your business with the fair commission rates of PayBull Virtual POS without any surprise fees.
Which card programs does PayBull Virtual POS work with?
PayBull Virtual POS works with Axess, Advantage, Bonus, Card Finans, Combo, Maximum, MaxiMiles, Miles&Smiles, Paraf, Sağlam Kart, Shop&Fly, World and Wings card programs, with the advantage of receiving payments the next day. Thanks to the PayBull infrastructure, you can quickly grow your business by receiving your payments without any problems.
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PayBull Sanal POS, e-ticaret ile satış yapmak isteyen web sitesi sahiplerinin hızlı ve güvenli ödeme ile, düşük komisyon oranları ile tüm kredi kartlarından online ödeme almalarına imkân tanıyan bir servistir.